The Easiest Hostess Dish To Bring To A Summer Shower


It’s sweet summertime which also means it’s shower season! Spring and summer are always filled with parties and showers celebrating engagements, weddings, births and anything else that’s worth throwing a get-together for!

Being a hostess is always fun but can be stressful depending on what else you have on your plate. Summertime always seems to fly by and by the time you know it, you’re one day away from the party and don’t have time to whip together the homemade muffins or bite size tea sandwiches you planned on impressing everyone with. A colorful fruit plate is all you need! Not only will it make the table look pretty, it also won’t break the bank! I try to look for fruits that are in season and easy to eat. Slice the larger fruit to make a bed for the smaller berries and garnish with mint. It’s as easy as that!

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