Pumpkin Spice Thumbprint Cookies

There is nothing that puts me more in the mood to bake than Fall and the start of October! I have a special place in my heart for a good thumbprint cookie but I’ve found they are hard to come by. The cookie itself needs to be the right amount of saltiness to balance out the sweet icing and they cannot be hard or dry. There is a place in Lubbock (where I am from) called Sugar Bakers. Sugar Bakers makes the most insanely delicious thumbprints that are on constant rotation with icing that fits the season. I literally CRAVE these cookies and have never been able to find ones that come close to comparing. Until now… This cookie recipe is not only extremely simple and easy, it’s downright delicious. The cookie is buttery, a touch salty and perfectly moist (if baked correctly). The icing is creamy, not overly sweet and pairs perfectly with this time of year…

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Summer to Fall Transition Dress

Fall foliage, pumpkins, sweaters, soups and sweet treats are just a few of my favorite things about Autumn! And although it may not be quite time to break out the leggings and jackets, there are some really great pieces to bridge you from summer to fall, like this dress!


I’ve been completely obsessed with the Rhode Resort Ella Dress and have been waiting to pull the trigger until I found the right color that suits me best. Each season, they bring back this style dress in new colors and prints and every season I find myself loving all of them! This olive color is so…

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Fall Accessories

Fall is FINALLY upon us and what better way to kick it off than refreshing your seasonal accessories?! Accessories are always the first thing I purchase when there is a season change, especially for fall. Here in Texas, it takes a bit of time before we feel any type of temperature drop, so chunky sweaters, leggings and scarves will have to wait. Accessories are the perfect way to transition your summer wardrobe into fall without having to pack on all the extra layers.

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Still Summering

August is wrapping up and but the warm weather and sunshine are sure to linger for quite a bit longer. We’re also about to roll into Labor Day and that means access to the best steals and deals on summer items! When you live in the south, you know we won’t feel that brisk air for at least another month and a half. So, I always love to stock up on Labor Day sale pieces before investing in my fall wardrobe. Some of my favorite summer clothes from this year came from last year’s Labor Day and end of season sales.

This weekend, I will have all my favorite sale items rounded up! But for now, here are a few of my favorite shirt dresses that are timeless and flattering on every figure. All of these dresses are currently on sale and must haves for seasons to come!

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Living Room Inspiration

Finding your personal “home style” can be tricky. I personally did not know what my interior style was until we bought a house. I’m still trying to figure it out! But, if I had to define my taste, I would say classic and traditional mixed with modern elements. I’m drawn to lots of white (of course) and toned down colors that reflect the serene space I’m going for. I look to accessories like pillows, vases and rugs for pops of pattern and color, and sticking to acrylics and neutrals for my larger items like a couch, coffee table and console. However, a fun pair of chairs can really make a room pop! This is my very own living room inspiration board and I already have a fair amount of pieces from this list. Here’s a breakdown of all my favorite items and why!

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Detailed Sleeves

My absolute favorite trend of all right now is detailed sleeves. This is a trend I can jump on board with because it’s not too “trendy” and it’s universally flattering. A big puffy sleeve with embroidery is something everyone with every body type can pull off. Plus, it’s just a fun look!

I particularly love thes puffy sleeves on this dress because the waist is senched and the rest of the dress is loosely form fitting which shows off body shape. I typically won’t go for a top or dress with puffy sleeves and no body shape because you can look a lot larger than you actually are and who wants that??! This dress has the perfect balance of shape and fun flare with the sleeves. I’m also in lovvve with this tangerine color. So pretty and fun!

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Colorful Crochet

Have you ever seen a top that’s as happy as this one?! You know what they say, you are what you wear, and this colorful crochet is sure to make you smile. I’ve been obsessed with Alice and Olivia for quite some time but I usually wait for items to go on markdown before making a purchase. I’ve been eyeing this top for a while on Nordstrom and freaked out when I saw it was on sale on Shopbop! It’s SO comfortable and fun to wear! I think it’s a no brainer to pair with white jeans and heels for a night out or high waisted denim shorts and sandals for a casual day look. This is also a top that will never go out of style. I see this piece being a staple in my closet when I’m wanting to wear something fun and comfortable for many spring and summers to come!

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Gardening Gear 101

You officially know you’re well into your late 20’s when you start getting excited about gardening! Now that we’ve purchased our first home, I’ve found myself noticing lawns, landscapes and gardens like I never have before. I can now fully appreciate some manicured pots and well cared for planters! I am no gardening expert (yet) BUT I am starting to dabble in the arena, and like anything I get into, I want to have the best gear! Let’s be honest, gardening seems like so much more fun when you look cute, right?!

For starters, or shall I say beginners, these…

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The Easiest Hostess Dish To Bring To A Summer Shower

It’s sweet summertime which also means it’s shower season! Spring and summer are always filled with parties and showers celebrating engagements, weddings, births and anything else that’s worth throwing a get-together for!

Being a hostess is always fun but can be stressful depending on what else you have on your plate. Summertime always seems to fly by and by the time you know it, you’re one day away from the party and don’t have time to whip together the homemade muffins or bite size tea sandwiches you planned on impressing everyone with. A colorful fruit plate is all you need! Not only will it make the table look pretty, it also won’t break the bank! I try to look for fruits that are in season and easy to eat. Slice the larger fruit to make a bed for the smaller berries and garnish with mint. It’s as easy as that!

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The Basic Shirt Dress Every Girl Needs

Every summer I look for affordable and casual dresses I can wear all season long. You cannot go wrong with a white button up shirt dress. They are so versatile and classic. You can dress it down with flip flops and a headband or dress it up in the evening with heels and some fun earrings. And guess what, if you’re eating a burger and fries and you get ketchup on your dress, no worries because it was only $30! In fact, why not get TWO of the same dress just in case (that’s what I do)!

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Nordstrom Sale 2019

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the Nordstrom sale is finally here! You might be a little over hearing every other soul talk about this sale (don’t worry, you’re not alone) but one more can’t hurt! I typically do not go crazy over this sale. It’s so easy to get sucked into the hype and excitement over the Nordstrom sale but it’s important to ask yourself “do I really need this” before clicking “place this order”. I’ve selected items I truly love and could use or wear outside of just fall. I look for the brands I love, fragrances I love and items I need.

Here’s a quick rundown of my top 10 items!

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Peechy Keen

I don’t know about you but something about this outfit just makes me happy!

Gingham ✔︎

Peach ✔︎

Ruffles ✔︎

What could be better than that combo?! I’m seriously loving this little button down from Mango I purchased last month (now on sale for $42.00). It’s super lightweight, flattering and goes with just about anything in your summer wardrobe! I’ve had these shorts since…

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Bamboo, Rattan & Burl Wood Accents

Accessories for the home are just like earrings or handbags when putting together an outfit. They take a dull or average look and add interest and character! Lately I’ve been obsessed with bamboo, rattan and burl wood accents. I feel like they add a lot of warmth and charm in living rooms, bedrooms or any other nook in the house! These pieces and materials are also extremely neutral and transitional. If you’re not into a lot of color, or you love color and fun prints, these accents will complement any room and add a little fun to your space!

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Summer Day Dresses

Summer is in full swing and so is the Texas heat! Lately I’ve found myself reaching for loose lightweight dresses that are breathable and comfortable. I’m in love with this shirt dress made by LacaUSA I purchased last year. It’s one of those throw on dresses you can wear around the house to dress up with wedges for a weekday dinner. Shirt dresses are classic summer staples that never go out of style. I love how polished and simple they are. You can also wear them opened up over a swimsuit or belted at the waist to give you some shape. LacaUSA makes the most comfortable quality pieces that feel like butter! Unfortunately, this one is sold out, but I’ve linked some of my favorite shirt dresses below!

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Dressing in Color

We all go through different seasons of life just like we do with the weather. Seasons of life can come naturally but they most always come from change. I’ve personally had a lot of change this year and during those shifts I’ve noticed changes within myself. A small example has been my change in wardrobe. All of the sudden, I’ve found myself gravitating towards LOTS of color and looking at my neutral wardrobe and feeling bored. 6 months ago I literally had maybe 6 items in my closet that had color. When I ordered clothes online, I couldn’t purchase something if it didn’t go with my all neutral wardrobe both virtually and physically. If all items in my cart didn’t “go together” I would…

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4 Summer Essential Items

Every Summer I find myself hunting for about 4 different items to freshen up my wardrobe - Sunglasses, Swimsuits, Shorts and Sandals. What else do you really need during summertime?! I’ve rounded up all my favorite picks for each category with price and quality in mind. In my opinion, you don’t want to go real cheap when it comes to summer staples because you want them to last throughout the season and stand up to the wear and tear. I don’t like to buy real expensive swimsuits but the older I’ve gotten I’ve realized quality is always important when it comes to swimwear. You want to feel your absolute best in a swimsuit and cheap $20 sets just won’t do the trick. I think the same is to be said about…

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5 Southern Summer Destinations

Summer is HERE and it’s time to plan your next weekend getaway! There are numerous destinations that are perfect for summer vacations but there’s nothing quite like a southern escape for an extended weekend. You can count on delicious food, beautiful scenery and really nice people! I've rounded up 5 southern destinations and the perfect hotels that are calling your name!

“ If you want to listen to live jazz music on the street, eat gumbo, drink french 75s, and avoid a bathing suit at all cost, book a trip to…”

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A Classic Jumpsuit for Summer

Similar to dresses, jumpsuits are so easy and effortless to throw on. They don’t require much thought and they’re generally pretty comfortable. I fell in love with this suite (and every other item) from Gal Meets Glam collection! At first, I thought the prices seemed slightly elevated until I ordered this jumpsuit and put it on. The material is weighted, creamy and tailored in all the right places. This is by no means “cheap” by quality standards and totally worth the investment. I chose this jumpsuit as my first GMG purchase (I’m sure there will be many to follow…) because I thought it was so classic and versatile. It should be no surprise to you by now that I’m a mostly modest dresser and prefer to…

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Red Poppy Dress

You can’t put on a red floral flowy dress and not be happy in my opinion! The summer heat (and humidity) is already in full swing in Austin and I’m looking for loose fitted cotton dresses that are breathable and functional. Zara is always my go-to for affordable and fashionable pieces for every season. This dress is one of my favorites and can be styled with heels or flats. Most importantly, it’s super…

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