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Dressing in Color

We all go through different seasons of life just like we do with the weather. Seasons of life can come naturally but they most always come from change. I’ve personally had a lot of change this year and during those shifts I’ve noticed changes within myself. A small example has been my change in wardrobe. All of the sudden, I’ve found myself gravitating towards LOTS of color and looking at my neutral wardrobe and feeling bored. 6 months ago I literally had maybe 6 items in my closet that had color. When I ordered clothes online, I couldn’t purchase something if it didn’t go with my all neutral wardrobe both virtually and physically. If all items in my cart didn’t “go together” I would…

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Red Poppy Dress

You can’t put on a red floral flowy dress and not be happy in my opinion! The summer heat (and humidity) is already in full swing in Austin and I’m looking for loose fitted cotton dresses that are breathable and functional. Zara is always my go-to for affordable and fashionable pieces for every season. This dress is one of my favorites and can be styled with heels or flats. Most importantly, it’s super…

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