Dressing in Color


We all go through different seasons of life just like we do with the weather. Seasons of life can come naturally but they most always come from change. I’ve personally had a lot of change this year and during those shifts I’ve noticed changes within myself. A small example has been my taste in wardrobe.

All of the sudden, I’ve found myself gravitating towards LOTS of color and looking at my neutral wardrobe and feeling bored. 6 months ago I literally had maybe 6 items in my closet that had color. When I ordered clothes online, I couldn’t purchase something if it didn’t go with my all neutral wardrobe both virtually and physically. If all items in my cart didn’t “go together” I would delete the pieces that didn’t match with the others and then place my order. I’m serious!

After feeling such a shift in my taste, I looked up why I had been so drawn to whites, creams and nudes for the last few years. To put it simply, those tones made me feel calm, peaceful and helped me “blend in”. This makes so much sense to me because as someone whose dealt with lots of anxiety, I think I was drawn to a very simple and neutral color pallet to help create stability. That might sound far fetched but it’s absolutely true! Before, if I were to see a colorful pattern in my closet amongst all the solid neutral tones, the OCD part of me would feel stressed out and ultimately get rid of the item. Now, I notice myself looking for any and all color I can find and feeling totally bored with all the white and creams.

This is a very small and insignificant change in my life but I do think it’s a great metaphor for the changes that have happened internally. I feel more calm, confident and self assured now than I did even 6 months ago. I think those changes can often develop the older we get, but I also think those are things we have to actively work on to improve. I’m not saying I won’t be wearing any more white (I still love white!) but I will be adding color into my wardrobe just like this beautiful floral dress. As I continue to “bloom”, so will my wardrobe!

What do your clothes say about you?!




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