Gardening Gear 101

You officially know you’re well into your late 20’s when you start getting excited about gardening! Now that we’ve purchased our first home, I’ve found myself noticing lawns, landscapes and gardens like I never have before. I can now fully appreciate some manicured pots and well cared for planters! I am no gardening expert (yet) BUT I am starting to dabble in the arena, and like anything I get into, I want to have the best gear! Let’s be honest, gardening seems like so much more fun when you look cute, right?!

For starters, or shall I say beginners, these two books are a great way to learn the ins and outs of gardening and what you might need understand the fundamentals. Gardening can be intimidating and there’s so much to learn, but if you are just wanting to get your feet wet, herb planters are a great starting point. They’re super useful for cooking and only require some sun and water! Speaking of water, we all know it is essential to make anything grow, and this hose is the perfect staple for your backyard.

As far as wardrobe is considered, you need this apron, these boots, a visor, these gloves and you’ll be totally set! I also love this basket for picking vegetables or flowers to bring inside the house. After gardening, your hands will most likely need some TLC. This olive soap and hand cream will be just what you need!

If you’re more into indoor planting and you don’t want to do much work, these woven orchid baskets are perfect! They’re absolutely adorable and perfect for sitting on a coffee table or gifting to a friend. I’m also in love with garden stools that can be indoor or outdoor. They’re the perfect accessory to your living room or outdoor patio.

Lastly, planters are such a pretty accessory to your front door or back patio. These two options are classic and simple!

More tips to come, but for now, happy gardening!