Summer Charcuterie Board


Summer is around the corner and patio parties are already in full swing! There is nothing I love more than sitting out on the back porch with a charcuterie board, wine and good friends. Charcuterie boards are great all year around and a perfect excuse to get creative and make your own spread with what’s in season. Summer in particular is always more fun when putting together a charcuterie board because there are so many colorful fruits and veggies that are great for brightening up your meats and cheeses.

There are so many beautiful charcuterie boards and cheese platters out there (hello Pinterest!) and you really can’t go wrong! There is no recipe or rules when it comes to creating a charcuterie board (which is the fun part!) but I have learned a little equation that has made my boards a little easier to throw together!

3 Cheeses

Goat, Sheep, Cow. I try to pick 3 different cheeses with different textures. I think a cheddar is a must have along with a soft brie and a flavorful goat cheese.

2 Meats

The bigger your board, the more meat you can add but I think a simple prosciutto and salami are the perfect duo! Instead of grabbing the prepackaged meat, I love to ask the deliman what his favorite cured meats are.

Marmalades & Jellys

You can’t go wrong with jam, jelly, marmalade, preserves, honey, etc. A little bit of sweetness is the perfect addition to the salty cheese and meats. (Confession) I like to scoop out the jam and put it in a tiny mason jar to make it look more homemade…! I also look for preserves that are in season. For instance, peach or strawberry is perfect for spring and summer!

Fruits & Veggies

This is the fun part! Get creative and grab whatever looks fresh and delicious in the produce section. During the spring and summer months, melons, berries, oranges, peaches and cucumbers are in season and so yummy! Pick 3-4 of your favorite fruits and veggies and arrange them on the board to highlight what’s on the inside.


To me, garnishing is arguably the most important part! A well garnished charcuterie platter takes an ordinary cheese board to the next level and is sure to impress your guests! I like to use basil underneath the cheeses and mint on top and around the fruits. Once I’m done arranging the board, I like to fill in the gaps with nuts and crackers.

Summer Charcuterie Board.jpg

Charcuterie boards are a fun way to get creative and bring people together! The options are endless and there are no wrong or right ways of putting together your own unique spread. Start arranging your perfect summer spread and shop some of my favorite cheese boards and knives below!

PS - This is my all time favorite cheese board/platter! It’s a lazy susan so it swivels. It’s perfect for placing in the middle of a table of friends for sharing! Major bonus - It’s only $20.00!