Living Room Inspiration

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Finding your personal “home style” can be tricky. I personally did not know what my interior style was until we bought a house. I’m still trying to figure it out! But, if I had to define my taste, I would say classic and traditional mixed with modern elements. I’m drawn to lots of white (of course) and toned down colors that reflect the serene space I’m going for. I look to accessories like pillows, vases and rugs for pops of pattern and color, and sticking to acrylics and neutrals for my larger items like a couch, coffee table and console. However, a fun pair of chairs can really make a room pop! This is my very own living room inspiration board and I already have a fair amount of pieces from this list. Here’s a breakdown of all my favorite items and why!

Items I currently own


Our couch isn’t shown on this board but I’m listing it first because it may be my favorite purchase to date! We selected the Dune couch in neutral from Maiden Home and we are in love! It took about 7-8 weeks to arrive but it was certainly worth the wait. It’s extremely comfortable and literally goes with everything. The quality and feel of this sofa is really nice and you can tell this piece of furniture will last a very long time. I also love that it’s a slipcover couch just in case we need to have it cleaned. I chose the neutral color instead of the white because I felt like the white was too harsh in our space. The neutral is really a soft off white.

Acrylic Coffee Table

I love a good acrylic coffee table! They’re so versatile and clearly (pun intended) very neutral. Because our main living area is fairly small, I wanted the coffee table to feel a little more lightweight and not fight for attention against the two chairs and couch. I chose this waterfall acrylic coffee table from One Kings Lane and absolutely love it! It’s a statement in itself but doesn’t take away from the other elements in the room.


Because our living room has three windows, which is great for natural light, but not for a ton of wall space, our console couldn’t be too bulky. I chose this white bamboo one from One Kings Lane and it’s perfect for placing right under our TV and stacking books and baskets on. It would also be really cute in an entryway or hallway. I also love the sleek white finish that’s super easy to clean and not too distracting.

Leaf Lamp

DEAL AND STEAL ALERT - I was obsessed with this leaf lamp on another really cute home interior website but it was around $350 (which I realize is not that bad for a floor lamp) but with shipping and everything it didn’t seem worth it. So, I found LITERALLY the exact same lamp (I’m seriously convinced it’s the exact same one) for under $100 with free shipping. All to say I’m extremely pleased and very happy with the quality of the lamp. It’s such a cute accent piece and adds a little height dimension that was missing in the room before.

Acrylic Window Rods

This might be another top purchase for me. I LOVVE these acrylic window rods that complement the acrylic coffee table. They come in 5 different finishes so you can pick whatever color goes best with your other fixtures. I chose the warm gold which really looks like an antique brass and it goes perfectly with the other metal tones in my living space. I also love these brass drapery rings from Ballard that add a little more detail.

Items I’m looking at purchasing


In my opinion, art can really make or break a room. I’ve learned, It’s not to be rushed or skimped on. First off, I’m obsessed with all of Coco Zentner’s art and particularly have my eye on her Orchid series. It’s the perfect amount of subtle but playful color that just makes you happy! For a larger statement piece that’s fairly affordable, I’m looking at this double panel bird series to place above the couch. I’ve always loved this look and think it adds to the serene aesthetic throughout the room. All to say, I think it’s important to take your time selecting what art you want and make sure it’s a purchase you’ll be happy with for a long time!


My new favorite thing! To be honest, sconces would fall into the category of things I never used to notice before decorating a home. Not only do they add additional lighting, but they’re like earrings for the room. Such a fun accessory! Although I will say, it’s important to know if you can easily instal scones if your house isn’t already wired for them. I love these gold gilded sconces and am obsessed with these white flower sconces. Both of these options are definitely more of an investment so if you’re looking for something on the less expensive end, Horchow always has really good sales. For an even less expensive option, check out Wayfair, Ballard Designs and West Elm.

Acrylic Bench

I am OBSESSED with this Gibbs bench from Scout Design Studio in Dallas. I’ve had my eye on it for months and was about to purchase it a few weeks ago and noticed they almost doubled their price. I’m still obsessed but waiting to see if I can score a sale or deal… All to say this would be so cute to balance the other acrylic accents. You can also customize the fabric on the bench if you want to add some color or pattern. This would probably be the last acrylic touch I would add to this room. If it ended up being too much, I would move them to the end of our bed which would also be super cute.


I’ve already purchased this seagrass rug from Pottery Barn for our living room mostly because we have a dog and I didn’t want to risk having an expensive rug where my black lab hangs out 90% of the day. I also just love the look of seagrass rugs! However, I also LOVE Oushak rugs and am dying to have one (or two) in our bedroom and dining room. If you don’t have as much wear and tear in your living room, a beautiful rug like this one would be the perfect subtle statement. My favorite websites for Oushak rugs so far have been The Collective and Scout Design Studio.

Accent Chairs

I scored two vintage chairs from Scout Design Studio that are the perfect statement in my living room. They’re a soft coral and poppy print that really add so much interest and character to the room. However, I’ve been looking at these chairs for the second living space at the front of the house and absolutely love them.


Vases, frames, trays, books and decorative accessories make everything! I’m loving (and purchasing) this garden stool to place between the two accent chairs. I love these colorful vases to place on a fireplace mantel or console. I’m also loving this white bamboo vase to place with flowers on the coffee table. I’m in desperate need for accent pillows and have hunted high and low and this website has been my favorite so far. This magazine rack adds such a fun touch next to the sofa or beside a coffee table. Lastly, I love some good burlwood touches like this tray and these frames.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little home inspiration! You can find all these items in the links up above and images below. I would love to hear about your personal interior style and all your favorite places to hunt!